The Symbolism and Meaning Behind Antique Style Wood Signs

Antique style wood signs are more than just decorative pieces for your home – they can hold a deeper meaning and symbolism that can add another layer of significance to your room. In this article, we’ll delve into the the symbolism and meaning behind signs.

At their core, most signs are crafted with intention and purpose. The materials used and the design elements incorporated can hold symbolism that is meaningful to the maker or the intended recipient. The designs often hold some historical value. For example, many of the signs you will find in our shop are inspired by long lost trades or places of interest from history. It’s a wonderful way to express your interest in history or preserving our past.

The materials, design elements and the placement of signs can also hold significance. Signs placed at the entryway of a home can serve as a welcoming symbol, while signs in the kitchen may signify the importance of gathering and nourishment. The placement of a sign can also create a focal point in a room and draw attention to its message. Coordinate signs are a popular way to personalize a home, with the coordinates often symbolizing a place or time of interest.

Signs can also hold meaning in their design elements. For example, a nautical sign featuring an anchor can represent stability and security. Signs can also incorporate colors and patterns that hold symbolic meaning in different cultures and traditions. The colors used in the sign hold special meaning and can invoke different emotions, you can read more about this here.

Overall, antique style wood signs lies in their ability to hold deeper meaning and symbolism beyond their decorative appeal. Whether you’re drawn to a sign for its design or its intended symbolism, incorporating them into your home decor can add more significance and personal meaning to your room.

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